Limited Edition Vintage Glassware

We source vintage glassware and fill them with our beautifully scented natural candle waxes and room fragrances for dinner parties, special events, weddings or just to add that little extra bit of glamour to your home.  Custom candles and diffusers can be made to your specifications using our vintage glassware.

Vintage Diffuser Gift Set

We adore vintage glassware here at Wilderness at Heart. The quality of the glass, the fabulous variety of patterns and shapes, sumptuous colours, frankly we love them all.  So we had to include these often forgotten pieces in our collection and what better way than to use old decanters for reed diffusers and really show off our ever so popular fragrances.  After scouring markets up and down the land, we have amassed a lovely selection of small, medium and large sized glass decanters, rescued from a forgotten life as oil and vinegar bottles, whiskey containers and a host of other uses, often with their original stoppers. 

We have teamed these up with our own reed sticks, extra long for the medium and large decanters and standard size for the small versions, which come with the 100ml diffuser.  The medium and large decanters really benefit from the inclusion of our bespoke extra long reed sticks, so that whichever scent you choose, the diffuser will work better in large spaces and look elegant and in proportion to its chosen container. Follow the tips on our website to get the best from your diffuser.

Our large, 250ml diffusers, which are available in all of our four signature fragrances, act as refills for these medium and large individual pieces. You can match up your favourite Wilderness at Heart scent with your choice of container and have your very own unique diffuser. This perfect centrepiece is bound to attract attention and admiring comments. As such, it makes the perfect, individual gift.

Each unique glass decanter comes complete with it’s own generous reed stick bundle and small or large diffuser liquid  refill.  It is presented in an elegant laminated carrier bag with strong woven handles. Coordinated purple tissue is used to wrap the glassware and a decorative tag completes the gift, all wrapped and ready to go.

Contact us directly to enquire about the latest glassware in stock and to choose your own unique gift.

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