We make all our natural soaps by hand using our own specially blended recipes and traditional cold process methods. 
Our mild, gentle soap contains olive oil for its wonderful moisturising properties, palm oil (*) and coconut oil for soft, fluffy bubbles and a luxurious lather. To this, we add beeswax to substantially harden and thereby prolong the life of our soaps and Safflower oil for its high Vitamin E content, to help cell regeneration and for its conditioning properties.
Each soap contains a touch of our bespoke perfumes with an aromatic blend of essential oils, which means that when you unwrap a bar, you will find it a real joy to use.

Soap fragrances currently available include:

- Walled Garden

- Gorse & Honey

- On the Moors

Every bar is hand-wrapped with the highest quality letterpress paper and sealed with its own signature label.

Weight 100g approx.

(*) our palm oil is responsibly and sustainably sourced