Our Products


When we first decided to start Wilderness at Heart we knew that quality of ingredients was fundamentally important, so we began with the conviction that every element of the product mix had to be to a really high standard.

We began with the fragrances and were lucky enough to work with some of the best perfumery companies in the business. They worked with us to create our bespoke scents which we love as much today as the time we first found them. Each one was designed to reflect what we love about Scotland and they are enriched with natural essential oils which evoke the wild landscape and the cultivated, indigenous plants of this unique country. We make all our products ourselves and add just the right amount of fragrance so that every Wilderness at Heart candle and reed diffuser really fills your home with its own evocative scent.

We use as many natural and sustainable ingredients as possible, preferring rapeseed wax for our container candles for its clean burn, sustainability and low carbon footprint.


Our cold processed soaps are made to our own special recipe containing pure coconut oil, safflower and olive oil as well as moisturising glycerine. Each is handmade in blocks, cut to size and then left to cure for four weeks while the soap matures. The result is the most gentle, creamy, bubbly, yet moisturising pure soap with a delicate scent. We love it so much that we even wash our face and hair with it - this truly is a multipurpose product. Each soap is wrapped in the finest letterpress printed paper.


We have full certification for our soaps and hand cream and each has passed its Safety Assessment and is registered on the EU website.

We want our customers to enjoy every aspect of a Wilderness at Heart product and, as a result, we welcome any comments on your purchases or gifts that you might have received. Why not post a comment or a like on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. If you love our products please pass the word around!