On the Moors

This intensely wild and aromatic scent blends essential oils of cedarwood and guaiacwood with black pepper and earthy patchouli, together with lavandin and bergamot, to create a fragrance that evokes the wild native plants of the Scottish moors.







Walled Garden

The weathered brick walls of the Scottish Estate gardens create a microclimate to nurture scented plants and prolong fleeting summers. This evocative floral perfume blends familiar scents of orange blossom, philadelphus and jasmin with the precious essential oil of rosewood to bring memories of colourful and richly scented flower borders in midsummer.








Winter celebrations are woven into the tradition of Scottish life and this fragrance, with its warm, woody notes of essential oils of cedarwood, myrrh and patchouli, will fill your home with rich, sensuous aromas. The ambery and spicy character is enhanced by topnotes of lemon and orange oil to add just a hint of zesty fruit.







Gorse and Honey

In springtime the honey scent of flowering gorse reminds us that summer is on its way. We look for bees in the heather and think of the warm days to come. This soft, honey-sweet fragrance conjures up a fine spring day and a walk on the moors with the sun on your back.